Flying pets in need

Every year thousands of dogs, cats and other pets meet unfortunate circumstances through no fault of their own. Tailwind Rescue among other partners provide flights so these animals can find their forever homes.

What we do

Animal re-location

Animals are often times surrendered at inconvenient times & inconvenient places. With shelters at all time highs in capacity, we move animals to shelters with more space with a higher chance at adoption.

Adoption facilitation

Working with various partners, if we identify an adopter that is willing to adopt a pet that hasn’t been given many opportunities, we’ll facilitate the transportation of the pet to the adopter in the event the adopter is too far away.

SOS Flights

Often times animals are either cruelly left abandoned, or surrendered with life-endangering injuries or illnesses. In areas where there may not be adequate veterinary care, we transport the pet to a more advantageous location where they can get the care they require.

Our Partners

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